What’s it like to work with me?

SMBROI is focused on companies with <$25MM in gross revenue.  Those firms all struggle with Profitability at many levels.

They struggle with:

  • Differentiating themselves from the competition
  • Identifying their ideal customer profile
  • Producing enough sales and revenue
  • Getting off the hamster wheel of working so hard IN their business, they don’t have the time to work ON their business

All of these Business Owners want the same thing…. To build a legacy for their family and support the people and causes they care most about.  Whether that means building up the business to a better valuation for sale in the future or building it up so that it is not a struggle to own for those they pass it down to.

These businesses can be:

  • Blue Collar or White Collar
  • Virtual or Brick and Mortar
  • A Product or Service Provider

But they all have the similar issues and similar goals……These are my clients

To Request a copy of the Trifold shown via email simply email Katrina@SMBROI.com with TriFold in the subject line or grab some time on my calendar anytime.  www.calendly.com/profitadvisors/coffee-chat

Trifold available upon request via email
Potential Profit Areas- Trifold
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