Unique Solutions To The Worsening Healthcare Crisis

We need a combination of the RIGHT Technology and Supporting Services to solve this Crisis.  Tech Solutions like SaaS Automation and Ai all backed up by customer service that will then support the “Humans” on all sides of the table whether they are the patient/client the nurse/practioner or the employer/hiring manager etc.  Technology without purpose and support and service will not solve this issue.

Hospital and healthcare systems recruitment, candidate engagment and employee retention issues effect all of us either directly or indirectly ………or they will eventualy….we are all aging.   As a part time care taker for several elderly relatives, I have seen first hand the struggles of overwhelmed and under-appreciated nurses, admins, CS as well as patients and families.  In the end, entire communities struggle.

We need to gain a better understanding of the needs of all in this process, meaning the Employees, Employers and the Customers (patients and families) they serve.

I was horrified to read that projections show an impending shortage of 8-15  million nurses by 2030, depending on whose research you read.

Some of my favorite clients are addressing these issues in unique ways and are motivated by a purpose and a passion.

One client and owner of many different Healthcare related properties is Audience Synergy, owners of Modern Nurse4, ExactNurse and more. They are able to target specific nurse candidates by specialty across any channel, social media, tv, podcasts etc Recently, this client has created amazing and affordable solutions specificly designed for individual recruiter and small facilities to be able to attract good quality nurses through targeted video ads without needing a fancy marketing department or campaign managers.  A new partnership with Bluem, like a glassdoor for nurses,  is designed to help nurses find their perfect job and allow the good positions and employers to stand out.

Another client taking on this shortage head on is Ramidara Staffing at Ramidara.com who is able to provide nurses from overseas with a continuous pipeline of Healthcare talent that they help through the arduous process of immigration, Visas, Testing and even the logisitics of getting and staying in North America. Nurses are never charged for the assistance and are guaranteed to be high quality heathcare talent. They provides this service throughout the USA and Canada.  In addition,  they work with many international students and educational institutions to provide best in class talent.  They can work with clients as an Employer of Record or as a Staffing Agency.

Finally, another great Employer Brand and Recruitment marketing agency and platform provider is  AppVault.  They have a stellar reputation for customized services and solutions and have a strong presence in the Retail, Trucking and Healthcare industries. Based out of Atlanta, Georgia, they provide award winning service.   They have fantastic technological services but the differentiator is that they back it up with a service and attention to detail like none other I have seen.

If you have a unique soluion to the impending crisis, I would love to hear about it  And, if you need a solution to your own struggles, I’d like to hear about that too.  Happy to help if I can.

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