The Hidden Secret To Increasing Your Company’s Profitability By At Least 25% Without Making Big Changes or Spending More Money On Advertising

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From the desk of Katrina Paglierani

Maine, USA

It’s true…

When I first started, I was always working WAY too many hours servicing customers. My business was anything but profitable.

  • Taking on ANY client to pay the bills (even the unprofitable ones)
  • Had zero room to scale or grow due to extremely low profit margins
  • Running out of hours servicing clients (lacking the capital to hire help)

I Had Time Or Money But Never Both

One year, my biggest client contract ended abruptly.. and right after I bought my new big Maine Farmhouse with the HUGE interest rate.
Instantly, panic began to set in and I then quickly went from big money to little (and then no) money.
I was the only income in my household with two small children and a BIG MORTGAGE.
My only option left was to accept terrible clients to work with just to keep my business afloat and food on my table.