The Big Dawgs Pick

The Big Dawgs Pick their Favorite Projects and leave the scraps behind.

Brace yourselves, because standard ads just won’t cut it in this gladiator pit of competition. No, no, you need the emotional rollercoaster of info-based ads with a sizzling call to action. That’s how the big dawgs roll.

Here’s a peek into the realm of pro ad campaigns for Small Business Owners that’ll make your competition quiver:

This list is not specific to Construction, Building Products Manufacturing, SaaS or others.  Therefore,  some will be more relevant than others depending what type of business you own and run.

  1. Craft a snazzy report to sling at prospects when they come knocking. Fill it with business pizzazz and don’t forget to sprinkle some case studies and success stories.
  2. Yellow page ads, but make ’em value-packed. Nobody’s got time for mediocre, folks.
  3. Newsletters—educate and charm your customers. Show ’em you’re the guru of the block.
  4. Host a fancy seminar or webinar. But hey, make sure it’s not snooze-worthy; get those respected industry speakers to jazz it up.
  5. Wanna grow faster than Jack’s beanstalk? Buy an existing business, spruce up the marketing, and boom—new business, no sweat.
  6. Test, test, and test some more. Different versions of your ads, because you’re a perfectionist.
  7. Direct mail—shoot for the stars, expand that business.
  8. Keep your past customers in the loop. They deserve some fresh info, don’t they?
  9. Incentives, baby! Loyalty programs, referrals, you name it.
  10. Hunt down big firms and strike a deal. Be their exclusive expert—you’re the superhero they need.
  11. A 24-hour info hotline—because information never sleeps.
  12. Charity work for local brownie points. Show ’em you’re a community superhero.
  13. Free clinics for the masses. Education should be free, right?
  14. Host seminars people will actually pay for. That’s right, make ’em shell out for your wisdom.
  15. Sneak into local newspapers with a weekly column. No cash needed, just a sweet byline.
  16. Weekend getaways for your VIPs—tax-deductible business adventures for everyone!
  17. Seminar-to-written-gold transformation. Books, audio, video—milk that seminar for all it’s worth.
  18. Bag those large company seminars. Impress the bigwigs.
  19. Proactive marketing—stay ahead of the game, always.
  20. Barter like a champ. Trade goods or services for that sweet, sweet marketing.
  21. Take losses upfront for future gains. Sacrifice now, profit later.
  22. Juggle that marketing budget like a pro to milk it for all it’s worth.
  23. Strike deals with target markets. Share the love for referrals and databases.
  24. Loaner products—a Band-Aid for broken equipment.
  25. Freebies for ad-holders. Track those ad results like a hawk.
  26. Always brainstorm new stuff for your peeps.
  27. Mail order division—spread your wings.
  28. Exchange customers with rivals. Turn enemies into allies.
  29. Get creative with your marketing—new offers, new goodies, new everything.
  30. Let customers choose the price. Who doesn’t love a bargain?

But wait, there’s more! Dive into your community, snuggle up to the Chamber of Commerce, cozy up to professional associations—network like your business depends on it.

Hit me up for the tools to elevate your business game!  I have complete Prebuilt Marketing Portfolios built out for most SMB industries.

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