Save 100’s of hours/mo for free or super-cheap

                                                   As a busy entrepreneur or business owner, you’re probably looking for ways to automate as much of your life as possible. The good news is that there are several tools out there for helping you do just that. Here are some apps and tools that can help you save time and money.
New Stuff is coming out all the time. In addition, many can be purchased for a lifetime licenses on sites like AppSumo and there are also tons of free trials and freemium versions.
Ai for copy writing –
AI for copy writing and so much more. Using you can create all of the following and more. AI for content marketing, AI for sales copy, AI for sales emails, AI for sales letters, AI for sales collateral. This is only a portion of what it can do. There are Free trials and Freemium versions that may be all you need. Other cool tools that are similar are that is similar to . Another tool that I use to Rate my emails is that has a free version as well.
Automatically leave no ring, pre recorded voicemails-
Record the voicemail once and automatically leave a voicemail with no ring. Reach out to prospects and customers automatically with a personalized message and link to get more information on your product or service. Pre calls to improve the efficacy of other marketing efforts like email, social media advertising etc…There are tons of other platforms like this that can replace hours of work. Others I found were, and Trustedmessaging. I am sure there are more to find.
Automate your life with freemium and opensource tools like
Are you tired of spending hours on your daily tasks?
Do you want to save time and still have time for yourself?
If the answer is yes, then phantombuster is a platform which allows you to automate your life. Phantombuster is a freemium and opensource tool which provides services like Customized automations for your individual needs.
AI for unique art – (EVERYONE KNOWS ABOUT THIS NOW) AI for unique art – See what a human and Ai can do when we work together.
New Ai Dall-e creates Unique art from text and I must admit that I am a little addicted to this one since I gained access last weekend. If you want to know more I already blogged about this one earlier. #Dalle

Death of the Purple SquirrelEdit Image

Death of the Purple Squirrel
Personalized video at scale –
Break through the Noise of too many emails and text messages with a Personalized video made specifically for each prospect or candidate.There are many different kinds of videos that can be created using AI. Some examples include: personalized videos; explainer videos; educational videos and more! The benefits for creating these types of content with this new technology is endless!

Personalized Video at ScaleEdit Image

Personalized Video at Scale
AppSumo is a great resource for tight budgets.
If you’re looking for ways to save time and automate your life, take a look at these tools! You’ll be able to save 100s of hours every month even if you stick only to the freemium tools. Keep in mind, there may be a little work in the beginning to get these all set up but the rewards are long term and endless.   One of the best places to find affordable SaaS solutions and tools and inexpensive versions of some Apps for efficiently is AppSumo
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