Part One – Cost Cutting

This blog article outlines strategies for reducing business costs, focusing on understanding margin pricing, auditing suppliers, managing price increases, monitoring returns, reducing scrap, and managing inventory. These measures aim to reduce the cost of goods sold (COGS), thus increasing profitability.

You will be successful if you take these one at a time and commit.  Some of these will be more or less relevant to your own business but most are relevant to some degree.  Depending upon your monthly costs, I may be able to refer you to Zero out of pocket providers that will pursue cost cutting projects on your behalf.

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Steps to Success:

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Strategies for Reducing Business Costs: Insights Across Industries

In today’s competitive business landscape, reducing costs while maintaining high-quality service and products is a universal challenge. My journey, from owning a commercial painting and lumber processing company to consulting in the HR tech space, has shown me the power of strategic thinking in driving profitability without additional marketing spend. Here are proven strategies across healthcare, technology, and construction industries:

Understanding Margin Pricing

Auditing Suppliers

Managing Price Increases

Monitoring Returns

Reducing Scrap

Managing Inventory

Empowering businesses to make small, strategic changes can have a profound impact on their growth and profitability. By focusing on areas like margin pricing, supplier audits, managing price increases, monitoring returns, reducing scrap, and managing inventory, companies across healthcare, technology, and construction can significantly reduce costs. My approach has always been to create collaborative wins, fostering long-lasting relationships that benefit all parties involved. This strategy not only ensures cost reduction but also drives innovation, efficiency, and sustained growth.

The Impact of Cutting Costs on Profit – Watch Video


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