No time for Content Creation? Try Automation, Ai and PLR

More Me Time thru Software

Making your message and expertise available to be found is how you succeed. The internet age, and Covid 19 changes and just the overwhelming world changes we have gone thru in the last decade have forced us to change our behaviors.

Breaking thru the noise is nearly impossible and is ACTUALLY impossible if you consider that you need to be at the right place, at the right time with the right message. You need to provide this content in the ideal format as well, which is different for everyone.
Your prospects and clients cannot be “sold to” anymore. Your Ideal Customer does research on their own when they have a need. They will read white papers, check out experts on linkedin, ask their peers, family members and coworkers. Their purchase process is 80+% done by the time they EVER talk to a single sales person.
Sales have changes, you need to adjust. Check out this book that I have read twice…The Selling Revolution – Prospering in the New World of Artificial Intelligence by DJ Sebastian.
On the plus side, there are so many free, opensource and cost effective solutions to help you create relevant, brandable and unique content for all sorts of channels if you are stuck.
You can use free and opensource transcribe tools to create text from video like otranscribe or also great for easily creating professional video content.
Another idea is and other tools like it that can provide Done-For-You Content and Content Bundles. Click Here for an offer for 10 free credits and then an addiitonal 2/mo. Download Ready-made Packages Of Brandable Coaching and other content for Blog posting, presentation decks, ebooks and much more. Again, here is the actual link
I already covered ChatGPT in the last blog but that can certainly be a great source for written content that you can elaborate on and personalize to get your writer “juices flowing”
Also, please check out the blog about the Ai writer tools like or and I know there are others.
In the end, the goal is to establish yourself as an expert in your field and have the content out there in the Universe for people to find when they are looking for YOU.
I hope that this content helps those of you who we cannot get to personally. Much of this information is relevant to Brick and Mortar businesses as well, so please share.



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