Need Profit in 2024? Here you go…

Stop Chasing Revenue and Start Chasing Profit.

Gonna Drop Some Facts On You:

– The average small business has a Net Profit Margin around 10%

-Assuming this fact, if you decrease your costs by 5.5% and increase your prices by 5% ( Not even keeping up with inflation) you will DOUBLE YOUR PROFITS

-There are  ways to EASILY cut your costs by 7-28% or more through a step by step easy process or…If you have no time – I can recommend partners that will do the work for you with no cost upfront, only taking a  % of what they save you.

-You can play with your own numbers on this profit simulator No name or identity info required.

SMB Profit Margins


If you need MORE PROFIT and you NEED IT NOW.   or you have Big Plans but NO TIME and NO BUDGET…. Grab time on my calendar immediately !!  Book a call today 


Why?  Because I can help you directly or indirectly through my clients and partners.


Two of my partners can help you cut your telecom, utilities and merchant costs by an average of 27% with no upfront costs.  Each targeted a different company size, industry and areas.

One new partner is able help small businesses offer Unlimited Telehealth benefits to their employees without it costing them a dime and in actuality……it has the amazing side effect of reducing your workers compensation expenditures, improving employee retention and increasing employee engagment.  (EX 300 Employee Company saves over $130k/year after ADDING this benefit for their employees)

AVG Influx of $400k per Business Owner- One of my clients is a Full Service Virtual Accounting Firm that offers ERC Filings that are covered by Berkshire Hathaway, and follow all current IRS Mandates and can be filed in 72hours once all paperwork is received and they are integrated with all major payroll solutions already to make paperwork submission simple.


If you are always hiring I can connect you with services to access SkillBridge Candidates (Military Members transitioning to Civilian Life soon)  so you have a steady pool of hard working, smart and skilled candidates that you can train while they are still on the Military payroll and benefits.  This is a great program to help members get civilian job experience and for businesses to test and train potential candidates before they decide if or where to hire them in the company.

if you are struggling to hire and do not have full time Talent Acquisition staff,  I can recommend excellent partners that will be that service for you for a flat of $3650 for 3 months of unlimited sourcing and recruiting.

If you have positions that can be done remotely, I have a partner that can provide you with background checked, vetted and tested, degreed and highly qualified candidates from around that world with an average ANNUAL salary of &9600 USD

This is not all………there are so many more ways to EASILY improve your bottom line without spending a single penny more.

There are even more ways to spend the pennies you do spend more wisely.  Let’s talk about it.

Book a call today 





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