Help Others and Help Yourself – Partnerships that Pay

Most of us nowadays are feeling the pains of Not Enough Time or Not Enough Money or Both.  Another way we have heard this expressed is that everyone is “Short on TERM”

Time | Energy | Resources | Money

When it comes down to it……Money solves everything.  And, we can find that for you.

There is a lot that can be automated and a ton of resources and tools that can be implemented simply, in a matter of minutes or hours and usually, at no cost.

Over the past several years, we have gathered together some amazing partners and negotiated some amazing relationships so that now, we can help any business owner with their strategic growth.

Here are a few partners that I work with that do not cost a business owner anything upfront but can find thousands, tens of thousands and often even 100s of thousands of dollars that they are eligible for through various means.

Here are some of my newest:  (Using any of these orgs results in Charitable Donations)

If you have between 2-499 w2 employees, you are probably eligible for this Tax Credit.  I chose the partner  ERC Guaranteed  because there is no upfront fees, their work is guaranteed by Berkshire Hathaway and they have an amazing track record.

Robyn Bowles is another partner who operates a Schooley Mitchell franchise that can find an average of 27% cost saving in many of the products and services you are already paying for.  They have bulk buying power that can benefit you.  Again, Zero upfront costs.

I also have a Partnership with PaymentCloud  that will beat or match your current merchant services provider and specializes in High Risk industries (or situations) and can also offer Invoice funding amongst other things.

These are just 3 of the partnerships that I have build that can offer you an influx of money and/or deep cost cutting to find the money you need.

Future posts will include other Freebies and Cost cutting resources such as where to find remote employees that are fully vetted for an average of 9600/year salary.  Zero $$ out of pocket ways to save time and/or money on workers compensation, recruiting, utilities and more

If you are interested in a partnership wtih me or any of these partners, please reach out to me and I am happy to introduce you to anyone in my network for a mutually beneficial collaboration, alliance or formal partnership.  Keep in mind, I generally ask permission first to make sure both parties are open to the intro.

Thanks again for stopping by and let me know how I can support you and your future growth. ROCK ON!!


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