Free Spy tools

Spy tools

Hi guys, these are some tools that I know many people may be aware of but also, many are not. So……here it goes.
Free search on and can give you a good amount of data on where your competitors are successfully spending their money. And, if you crave more info, the paid versions are also pretty cheap.
If you go into a google search and put in Link: ” your competitors web address” it will show you all the websites that are back linked to them and maybe who would make good partners for you.
If you need help finding a contact and are really struggling. I can usually find them because I use a combination of two tools which are (which is pretty expensive but worth it to me) and Seamless which is relatively inexpensive and definitely worth it with an unlimited license for 97/mo)
Neither one is completely accurate all the time because we are all moving around so fast right now and bots cannot see all technographic info. I think Zoominfo has a free version that does not provide technographic info without fees, but can be used to get contact info in most cases if you provide a link back to your own inbox and all of your contacts, contact information.
You can always find new tools on AppSumo as well to help you become more efficient. I have purchased several LIFETIME licenses for SaaS that is similar to what the competitors are charging monthly.
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