Figure it out and Get it DONE!

Having engaged in the World of Work for more decades that I want to admit, I have developed a fantastic network both locally and globally.

Additionally, because I chose to work with start ups, relaunches, expansion projects and smaller businesses, I know a lot about a lot.  And, if I don’t know the answer, I have a network of trusted partners, vendors, coworkers and pals that Do Know.

My experience with small business owners and startups has enabled me to learn about new skills, tips and tools because these organizations usually start out on a shoestring budget and with minimal staff.    As part of these smaller teams, you learn how to wear many hats and find unique ways to tackle problems for those with small budgets and BIG PLANS.

So, if you are part of the team, you wear many hats, some you need to knit yourself first.. In other words, you figure it out and get it done.

Two big discoveries in my experience that have really paid off:

There are a lot of free and cheap and EASY TO USE  tools out there that can help.  Looking for something in particular?  Happy to help if I can.

Here are some great resources:  AppSumo is one great resource for new software and app developers to promote their creations. You can find free, cheap and even cheap lifetime licenses available for sale here.

I recently bought a lifetime, unlimited access to a tool that allows me to build Ai Chatbots based on a clients FAQs and other internal databases.  So the source of responses in known and closed.

Dux-Soup is another great tool I use for all my clients lead generation and nurturing on Linkedin.  Easy to use, customize and integrate with your crm or use alone.

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