Embrace the Dread: Telemarketing & Direct Mail Marketing Tips for Small Biz Warriors

Greetings, fearless small business warriors! Today, we’re diving into the realm of marketing strategies that make you want to pull your hair out: telemarketing and direct mail. Brace yourselves, because it’s about to get real (un)comfortable.

Direct Mail: More Than Just Junk Mail? Maybe.

Yes, we’re talking about direct mail marketing – because who doesn’t love receiving unsolicited paper in their mailbox? But fear not, my entrepreneurial comrades, there’s a way to make this ancient art form work for you without being banished to the spam folder.

  1. Benefits Galore: List every little perk your product or service offers. It’s like creating a shopping list for your customers, but without the questionable impulse buys.
  2. The Headline Game: Pick the juiciest benefit and turn it into a headline that screams, “You need this in your life!” Emotion is your secret sauce – make them feel young, wealthy, desired, popular, or just successful enough to afford your stuff.
  3. Sales Letter Spectacle: Craft a letter that’s the Beyoncé of sales letters – attention-grabbing, informative, and motivating. Bonus points if it can sing.
  4. Supplementary Swagger: Toss in some extra goodies like brochures, order forms, and reply envelopes. Because nothing says “I care” like an order form.
  5. Hit the Mailing List Jackpot: Get yourself a mailing list. Rent it, buy it, steal it (just kidding, don’t steal it). The bigger, the better. It’s like the VIP list for your marketing party.
  6. Cost Comparison Circus: Calculate the cost of mailing versus the cost per order. It’s like figuring out if that late-night pizza delivery is worth the regret the next morning.
  7. Test, Test, Test: Keep refining your plan until it’s as sharp as a ninja star. Testing is key, like a scientific experiment, but with less safety goggles.

Telemarketing: The Art of Not Getting Hung Up On

Now, let’s talk about everyone’s favorite pastime: telemarketing! Because who doesn’t love a call interrupting their dinner, right?

  1. The Grand Plan: Have a plan before you dial. It’s like going into battle, but with fewer swords and more scripts.
  2. Topic Tango: Create a list of discussion topics and questions. Because nothing says “I’m not reading from a script” like a well-prepared list.
  3. Verbiage Voodoo: Check if it’s a good time to call. You know, so you’re not interrupting their Netflix marathon.
  4. Question Quantity Quandary: Enough questions to keep it interesting, but not so many that it feels like a cross-examination. It’s a delicate balance, like juggling flaming marshmallows.
  5. Feedback Finesse: Show them you care with some feedback. It’s like saying, “Your opinions matter, even if I’ve called at the worst possible time.”
  6. No Insults or Manipulation Magic: Avoid insulting their intelligence or resorting to manipulation. It’s tempting, I know, but resist the dark side.
  7. Listen First, Speak Second: Channel your inner therapist. Listening is an art, and you’re the Picasso of phone conversations.
  8. Chill Vibes Only: Be relaxed and engaging. Pretend you’re chatting with a friend, minus the awkward silence.

Remember the immortal words of Jay Abraham: “When selling by telephone, you have approximately thirty seconds to convince the customer to listen to you.” Make those seconds count, like a speed-dating session for your business.

So, dear business trailblazers, fear not the telemarketing abyss or the paper cuts from direct mail. With the right attitude, a pinch of creativity, and maybe a dash of insanity, you can conquer these marketing beasts.

You need to decide to put this in your daily activity.  Make one call a day or 25, but decide your goal, DO IT CONSISTENTLY, and you will get results.

One client of mine tripled their business, making one call a day for 30 days.  Dont be pitchy, Offer Value, Be Sincere.

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