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Steve D. CMO in Digital Advertising was struggling to get any revenue from their digital inventory - Katrina found new markets to sell into that would pay top dollar for unsold inventory and Tripled the Digital Advertising Revenue at our organization in the first 6 months. "I'm pleased to recommend Katrina Paglierani. In working closely with Katrina, I was thoroughly impressed by her professionalism and her commitment to excellence. In particular, her insight into SEO and PPC strategies.She is organized, dedicated and would be an excellent addition to any team. Katrina is a difference maker and I would gladly recommend her to any organization."
Steven D
Digital Publisher
Erin S., Head of Recruitment Marketing was struggling to determine how to identify and then reach their ideal target market segment and differentiate themselves from less expensive options in the Global Educational Travel Industry. After working with Katrina, we cut our advertising expenses more that half while simultaneously tripling our traffic and greatly improving conversion rates. "As a self-motivated, driven, and results-oriented professional, she excelled and exceeded goals and expectations, She achieved remarkable results due in large part to her creative yet structured approach to marketing and sales."
Erin S
B2C Services - Education
Jason B. CGO and CCO at Social media and Perks organizations had several target locations where they were not reaching revenue goals. By setting up new messaging, differentiators and strong follow up processes, Katrina doubled the income from the first territory she tackled and then worked on two other territories, getting them both to exceed the goal for the First Time within the first 9 months of our engagement. “When Katrina joined us, she was tasked with growing market share in a new territory for the organization. As a self-motivated, driven, and results-oriented professional, she excelled and exceed goals and expectations,”
Jason B
Recruitment Marketing
Alexandre H is a Business Advisor, at High Impact Firms. When I worked with him, the task was to help the firm move from a Consulting firm to a SaaS firm and grow through strategic partnerships. One new partnership that Katrina set up and enabled near the end of August, produced 65% of our annual revenue by the end of that first year. Other strategic partnerships and alliances produced over 1000 business leads with an median 1st year value of 12k/year with 3-6k recurring value. “Katrina is the most relentless sales professional that I know. She’s nothing less than a force of nature, capable of getting us anywhere we can imagine. “Which CEO do you want to talk to? Yes, sure, give me 10 minutes and you’ll get a meeting.” She excels at every aspect of sales, from prospection, web presence, event coordination to negotiation. She knows the industry inside out and can quickly connect the dots and find opportunities no one else even considered”.
Alexander H
IT Consulting