AI in HR Tech: Transforming Business Outcomes for Varied Users

Introduction As an HR Tech expert with a diverse background from owner of commercial painting and lumber processing companies to my journey in HR Tech which began in the early 2000s. This transition from hands-on business management to the dynamic world of HR technology was a significant shift, fueled by my passion for influencing outcomes […]

F Alliteration: Franchisors- Franchises- Franchisees

Franchising represents a significant sector in the business world, providing opportunities for entrepreneurs to establish businesses with established systems and brand recognition. This concept is particularly prominent in the franchise industry, where businesses are replicated through a structured format. Let’s delve into the key aspects of franchising: Business Format Franchise: Origin: Evolved from the earlier […]

Fake News !!!!

  Greetings, aspiring construction experts and SaaS startup enthusiasts! In today’s lecture, we’ll critically examine the prevalent e-myths in the business world, often mistaken for infallible truths. Let’s approach these myths with a scholarly perspective, shall we? Firstly, what exactly is an e-myth? It’s a rather charming notion that suggests anyone armed with ambition, some […]

Figure it out and Get it DONE!

Having engaged in the World of Work for more decades that I want to admit, I have developed a fantastic network both locally and globally. Additionally, because I chose to work with start ups, relaunches, expansion projects and smaller businesses, I know a lot about a lot.  And, if I don’t know the answer, I […]

What’s it like to work with me?

SMBROI is focused on companies with <$25MM in gross revenue.  Those firms all struggle with Profitability at many levels. They struggle with: Differentiating themselves from the competition Identifying their ideal customer profile Producing enough sales and revenue Getting off the hamster wheel of working so hard IN their business, they don’t have the time to work ON their business […]

6 Ways to Raise Money for Your SMB Business

One of the most prominent challenges entrepreneurs and small business owners face is raising money to support their ideas. Unless you are independently wealthy, your ideas will need a helping hand. For every start-up, getting enough funds can be very challenging. But where do you start in your fundraising journey? WAY WAY back in the […]

What is a Market Segment vs Target Market

Here is a video walkthrough that may be useful to SMB business owners about a process to determine who is your ideal customer, Market Segments and how to engage their interest with your value proposition statement. This also helps you identify your Ideal Customer Profile or ICP. Feel free to reach out if you would […]

6 Easy ways you can Expose Your Brand

BRAND EXPOSURE VS. MARKETING TWO MAIN GOALS THAT YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE WITH YOUR MARKETING EFFORTS: • Brand exposure • Actual marketing You cannot easily see these blurry logos but you probably recognize most of them. Brand exposure encourages repeat purchases and helps to generate new revenue. When customers trust a company, vendor or partner […]

No time for Content Creation? Try Automation, Ai and PLR

Making your message and expertise available to be found is how you succeed. The internet age, and Covid 19 changes and just the overwhelming world changes we have gone thru in the last decade have forced us to change our behaviors. Breaking thru the noise is nearly impossible and is ACTUALLY impossible if you consider […]