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AI in HR Tech: Transforming Business Outcomes for Varied Users

Introduction As an HR Tech expert with a diverse background from owner of commercial painting and lumber processing companies to my journey in HR Tech which began in the early 2000s. This transition from hands-on business management to the dynamic world of HR technology was a significant shift, fueled by my passion for influencing outcomes […]

Double Your Profit with Zero Cost you say???

In the dynamic world of small business, maximizing profits is not just about selling more – it’s about smart management and leveraging available resources efficiently. This article explores various strategies, from tax credits to innovative use of technology, to help small business owners increase their profit margins. 1. Harnessing ERC and Other Tax Credits: Understanding […]

F Alliteration: Franchisors- Franchises- Franchisees

Franchising represents a significant sector in the business world, providing opportunities for entrepreneurs to establish businesses with established systems and brand recognition. This concept is particularly prominent in the franchise industry, where businesses are replicated through a structured format. Let’s delve into the key aspects of franchising: Business Format Franchise: Origin: Evolved from the earlier […]

Need Profit in 2024? Here you go…

Stop Chasing Revenue and Start Chasing Profit. Gonna Drop Some Facts On You: – The average small business has a Net Profit Margin around 10% -Assuming this fact, if you decrease your costs by 5.5% and increase your prices by 5% ( Not even keeping up with inflation) you will DOUBLE YOUR PROFITS -There are  […]

Healthcare Struggles and Ai Solutions

Lately, I have been reading many research papers, sparked by my first hand experience with the elderly in my family dealing with the Emergency Hospitals, Regional Hospitals, labs, physical therapy organizations all in person and on the phone……..So many on the patient and provider sides are struggling, I believe that these are the top ways […]

It’s Your Baby

As a seasoned business owner, I want to share insights on the business lifecycle and strategies to both maximize each phase and extend the overall lifespan of your business. Understanding these stages is crucial: Infancy: This initial stage is often the most hands-on, where you as the owner are deeply involved in every aspect, much […]

Fake News !!!!

  Greetings, aspiring construction experts and SaaS startup enthusiasts! In today’s lecture, we’ll critically examine the prevalent e-myths in the business world, often mistaken for infallible truths. Let’s approach these myths with a scholarly perspective, shall we? Firstly, what exactly is an e-myth? It’s a rather charming notion that suggests anyone armed with ambition, some […]

Fill The Holes

In today’s discussion, we delve into the vital support roles necessary for a thriving business and their significance in the grand scheme of things. Success in business isn’t a one-person show; it requires a symphony of talents, each playing their unique part. Let’s explore the three pivotal roles that form the backbone of any successful […]

Nail Your Marketing Strategy: A Blueprint for Success in Blue Collar Industries

Alright, folks, today we’re diving headfirst into the guts of a killer marketing campaign that’s not just a one-time firework but a reusable bazooka in your arsenal. Buckle up your tool belts because we’re about to hammer down the five must-have keys for a booming marketing launch that’ll keep ‘em coming back for more. Key […]